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Presentation of Osteopathic medecine


"Osteo” comes from Greek and means structure of living matter.

An Osteopath is a manual therapist with the objective to treat the person as a whole and not only a disease or a symptom.

To do so, we work on getting rid of barriers in the body. These barriers could take different kinds of forms : structural, visceral, scars, emotions… 

We are offering a new balance to your body, which is going to help it to work more efficiently and solve the problem by itself.

Osteopaty is all about increasing your potential  adaptability : When you are in utero, at the very beginning, your potential level of adaptability is 100%.

 Adaptability to what?

To all kinds of problems, issues that your body is going to deal with when trying to preserve life and functionality.

And in utero, you lose already  some adaptability, potential cause of the stress your mum is experiencing, the lack of vitamins from your mum’s diet, the pressure from your mother’s body, and finally the birth, which is our first real trauma in life, a real test for the capacity and the adaptability of our body. Most of us can do just fine ; others experience some troubles like hip dysplasia, or torticollis. So just  a few days after birth, our potential adaptability has already lost a significant part. Of course our body with its wonderful capacity can find solutions to gain  back its potential partially but sometimes it needs help.

 And the older we get, the harder it is for our body to increase its potential by itself. And one day, when you have  lost most of your ability of adaptation, you will suddenly experience  many health problems without knowing where they come from.

That’s why, whatever  your age is (newborn to senior), your physical and mental condition (without any pain or dealing with a cancer), I can help you to significantly increase your quality of life or prepare you to deal with problems which could affect your health.


Please contact us at 514 442 2058 for any question or to book an appointement


 Julien Devaud Ostéopathe au cabinet d'ostéopathie de verdun


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